Hi, I'm Rudi!

At the start of Grade 9, I began to look for a passion that gave me purpose. What I did not know, was that within my first week of high school, I would find my calling. From interviewing to the editing process, I enjoy the personal connections I can make through journalism. As a writer and an editor, I've explored multiple facets of our student publication, The Standard, and I hope to broaden my horizons as I continue my journalistic pursuits. Currently, as Lead Features Editor, my priority is always to support my team to the best of my ability and make sure that we consistently create high-quality content for our publication.


2022-23: Lead Features Editor

2021-22: Culture Editor: Online

2020-21: Staff Writer

Journalism Experiences

2023 (expected):

Internship at Bloomberg London 

School of NYTimes: The New Narrative: Podcasting and Video Storytelling

Stanford Humanities Institute Summer Session


Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) Summer Workshop: Reporting and Writing 

Boston University Summer Journalism Academy


Private School Journalism Association Contest – 2nd Place

2022 JEA National Student Media Contests Honorable Mention, Commentary Writing

Best of SNO: