Community participates in student-led Aequitas workshops

Workshop leader Claire Corley (’23) discusses with participants of “Breaking the Echo Chamber: Navigating the Risks of Online Groupthink” March 2. The workshop included a short lecture, group discussion and an interactive activity.

Aequitas week, organized by the Social Justice Council, took place Feb. 28-March 7. In addition to a keynote speaker, students and faculty members led and engaged in workshops focusing on a variety of social justice topics.

Daniel de Beer (’23) is the Deputy Editor-

Sustainability Council takes action to combat climate change

The Sustainability Council’s mission is to engage students with climate-related work and raise awareness of environmental issues. According to Co-President Dylan Linton (’23), SusCo is split into four committees this year: Service and Action, Community Involvement, Improving School Practices and Outreach. Linton said each committee has individual focuses, although there is often overlap.

Anderson Lugert (’25), a member of the Improving School Practices committee, said there are multiple committ

Death of Queen Elizabeth II ripples through community

As a child, Assistant Principal Natalie Jaworski said she viewed England as a “magical place.” Jaworski’s perception of the country was largely shaped by stories of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign that were passed down from her grandmother, a London resident who lived through World War II until 1947. Jaworski said she still carries a pin from the Queen’s Coronation in 1953, which was initially in the possession of her grandmother. This week, Jaworski held the same emblem in mourning.

After 70 years

Crowds gather at Buckingham Palace following Queen Elizabeth II death

Crowds gather outside Buckingham Palace as the Union Jack flies at half-mast Sept. 8 in mourning of the world’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

“She was definitely a figurehead for the U.K.,” she said. “Since she’s passed, there will definitely be like a moment of mourning where people are taking a second to really think about it.”

Onlookers amass outside Buckingham Palace as news of the Queen’s death spreads Sept. 8.

Hudson Hill (’24) said he was stunned by the news, which was